“Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” is the strategic goal vigorously pursued by the state, which has promoted the rapid rise of new energy vehicles. However, the cruising range problem not only stops users, but also restricts the development of the electric two-wheeler industry. How to solve that has become an important breakthrough point for the rapid development of the industry.

On March 18, 2022, Sunra released the X-TEC long-range dual-core system in Beijing Shougang Park, and successfully completed the FL6 cycling challenge of “more than 200KM with one full charge”, setting off a new trend of “riding mileage miracle”. The release of the X-TEC long-range dual-core system broke the traditional mileage thinking of “sacrificing power to increase electricity”, and clarified the new development direction for the industry to upgrade cruising range, which also indicates that two-wheeled electric vehicles will enter the 200KM long range era.

TheX-TEC system rewrites the mileage record

It was a day of snowstorm at -1℃ in Beijing, a bad weather for riding. However, the X-TEC long-range dual-core system still performed well in such a demanding environment, not only achieving the goal of more than 200km, but also creating a legend of cruising range in the industry.

The X-TEC system, centered on “kinetic energy core + energy saving core”, covers 2 major capabilities and 8 major upgrades, providing technical support for the successful breakthrough of this two-wheeler riding challenge.

The kinetic energy core adopts the X-TEC variable frequency motor with high kinetic energy conversion rate and surging power, and the X-TEC large capacity graphene battery, to have excellent low-temperature performance. Under the mediation of the X-TEC controller, it generates a burst of power. Combined with zero-friction disc brakes, energy recovery is significantly improved, so does the braking distance, bringing a more safe and reliable riding experience.

In terms of energy-saving core, Sunra adopts massive low-energy components and designs, including X-TEC low-roll resistance tire, X-TEC low-wind resistance modeling design, X-TEC high-bearing capacity bearing and X-TEC low-heat resistance cable, which effectively reduces energy loss and plays an important auxiliary role in improving mileage.

Backed by the two cores, the system help ease riding in complicated conditions. The cruising range of more than 200km is the best proof, demonstrating the strong technological capability of Sunra.

Break the bottleneck, lead the future development of the industry

For many years, the industry thought about improving mileage only by reducing power output and increasing the battery capacity, resulting in many defects of electric two-wheeled vehicles. As a leading brand in the industry for more than 20 years, Sunra made active and great efforts to overcome this dilemma. With strong research and development and innovation capability, Sunra broke layers of shackles to bring out the X-TEC long-range dual-core system.

The Sunra Yuanhang (long-range) series, equipped with the X-TEC system, boast strong power and super mileage of “more than 200km”, have obtained the national CBC certification for electric motorcycles with a super long cruising range. It not only enhances the technical reserve of Sunra, but also raises the range “ceiling” of the industry. Sunra’s “More than 200KM at a full charge” FL6 cycling challenge is not only a milestone in cruising range for Sunra, but also a “mileage revolution” in the electric two-wheeler industry. The increase and decrease of moving segments is rational.

Sunra’s X-TEC long-range dual-core system broke industry restrictions, and successfully led the industry into a new era, marking a major achievement in the field of new energy mobility. Looking forward to Sunra’s further advancement and higher quality products in 2022 to satisfy users’ expectations and accelerate the industry development.