XOFO Motor is a professional global motor manufacturer. For more than ten years, it has continuously carried out technical exploration and innovation on the basis of the user needs. XOFO Motor has been an excellent supplier of the e-drive system because of the rich experience, which produces all kinds of high-quality motors, controllers, HMI instruments and sensors. It always takes high-quality products and ingenious service as the standard for serving global customers.

As early as its establishment in 2009, XOFO Motor established an independent technical center consisting of project department, R&D department, testing department, quality inspection department and other departments, which is responsible for the R&D, testing and quality inspection of new technologies and products.

Different from many manufacturing companies for OEM production, XOFO always adheres to a market-oriented and product-oriented R&D mechanism, and attaches the great importance to the technical construction, the training of technical talents, and its comprehensive competitiveness.

R&D is the core

XOFO Motor doesn’t overlook the in-wheel motor system suitable for basic and medium models with relatively simple technology. Moreover, it focuses on the mid-mounted motor system that is often used in mid-to-high-end models. And it has launched a richer product line including electric motorcycles, electric scooters, agricultural machinery and medical equipment and other e-drive products to meet the different needs of customers.

In 2019, XOFO Motor successfully developed the first-generation oil-containing mid-mounted motor drive system, which officially broke through mid-to-high-end e-bikes and well represented in the market. With this mid-mounted motor, XOFO Motor has also gained more overseas markets and a greater right to speak in this industry.

In terms of the technological innovation, patents are not only the performance of an enterprise’s capabilities of D&Rand innovation, but also the reflection of the core competitiveness. XOFO Motor achieved 13 new patents. Since the COVID-19, XOFO Motor has insisted on the investment in D&R to explore new technologies and develop new products although it is faced with many unfavorable factors such as rising raw material costs and freight resistance.

While meeting customers’ needs, XOFO Motor can improve its own profitability and gain more active advantages in the industry to maintain its core competitiveness.

Fine manufacturing

XOFO Motor pays attention to the D&R and quality control. Its product consistency is ensured by the strict quality inspection links such as process control and whole-process quality control. The rate of the finished product is up to over 99% and the rejection rate is lower than 1%.

Ingenious service  

Good products should be matched with the high-quality services. XOFO Motor, as a high-tech enterprise dominated by D&R, has not neglected service. There are two keys to high-quality service. First, it is the spirit of service that the enterprises should have a good service attitude and concept. Second, it is the level of service that enterprises should provide the corresponding service for their own business.

With the increasing domestic and foreign customers year by year, XOFO Motor not only externally need effective service processes and communication mechanisms to meet different needs of the customers and make customers more satisfied. In addition, it improves the training and management system to further improve the quality of service.

The key of XOFO Motor’s outstanding achievement is to focus on the D&R, precious manufacturing, and ingenious service, which is also the XOFO Motor’s core competitiveness. Nowadays, Made in China and XOFO Motor’s intelligent manufacturing have been widely recognized in the global e-drive market, and have gradually been the good choice for global vehicle manufacturers.